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Current Projects


:bulletred: = not started
:bulletyellow: = started
:bulletgreen: = nearing completion
:bulletblue: = finished, in the queue to be posted

:star-empty: = no points/breeding pic
:star-half: = points or breeding pic sent
:star: = points and breeding pic sent





-Contest prizes

-Tutorial Series:
Red: writing
Whites: inking
Extension: writing

-Snapshot series (ongoing)

-Template fundraiser

-Pug/Bulldog lines

FAQ Breeding Rules | Commission Information
:bulletblack: Breedings are OPEN(if you do the litter), Commissions are CLOSED :bulletblack:

Hi all, just wanted to put out another update as summer pushes on. Hope everyone is doing well.

Contest Prizes - We've got a document in our stash listing everyone's names and what contest prize they won, and over the next few months we will be working on whittling it down. No set order, but if you won something, you will get it from us, ideally before December assuming everything goes to schedule. If you want to make any amends to your prize, note us and we can change it if it's not already underway.

Litters/Breedings - As always, these are open if you'd like to design the offspring/breeding picture. We won't do the breeding pic if you offer to do the offspring - the way we work with breedings, the person requesting the breeding is the one to do the picture. So please keep that in mind if you'd like to request one c: On a similar note, please keep any breeding pics G-rated - we know it's becoming more and more common to take the term "breeding pic" very literally, but we will not accept these kinds of images and will ask you to redo them. Both artists on this account work in art professionally and on the off-chance a colleague or employer can link us back to this account, we don't want it full of pictures of animals doin' the do. We ask that you please respect that.

Commissions - These are closed while we work on contest prizes, but we would like to re-open them at some point after our queue is clear. Commissions and breedings both tend to get filled up very quickly so it's always kind of a toss-up for us as to which one we'd rather focus on opening up - commissions have more direct benefit for us, but we like being able to create offspring and adopt them out as well. You're always welcome to check in and see if they're open, but don't expect them to be so anytime soon, unfortunately.

Linearts - We put out a poll a few months ago asking how people felt about pay-to-use lines. About 55% of responses said they would be willing to buy pay-to-use lines, with 25% saying they can't afford them, and 20% saying they don't use templates at all. So it does seem like a good majority of people would be in support of this. We've hesitated on making any linearts before mostly because we don't use them in our own art so have never really 'gotten' the desire. What we'd like to do is a sort of 'crowdfunding' project for lines - we would make a batch of 5 or 6 different breeds and then release them once certain donation amounts are met. That way we still receive benefits from releasing them, people can donate if they want to help purchase them, and people without access to points can still use them for free after unlocking. Again though, it will likely not start for a while yet.

Other projects - We are still working on a few canine genetic/design tutorials. We also have an ARPG idea that we'd both really like to work on, though it will be a lot of work to set up. Some recent real-life scenarios has also left us recently needing to divert more attention into our normal freelance work/dollar commissions, so we apologize for the slight dip in activity. Ideally this will even back out soon. And as always, do not repost our artwork anywhere, on any site, or use our characters for role-playing/forums/etc.

Thanks as always!
-Flash & Thunder


:iconlaughinghyenakennel: :iconasgardstables: :iconwagginkennelclub: :iconfoxgrove-stables: :iconsedillo-kennels: :iconsumac-ridge: :iconjoesse: :iconpsynthesis:


Art Usage Policy

:bulletgreen: You can: :bulletgreen:
:bulletblack: Use our template for reference sheet info
:bulletblack: Use our layout design for reference sheets
:bulletblack: Use our tutorials for help or ask any art-related questions you have for us
:bulletblack: Use our breeding rules guidelines as long as credit is given back to us
:bulletblack: Loosely reference our drawings as long as credit is given back to us

:bulletred: You CAN NOT: :bulletred:
:bulletblack: Heavily reference our drawings or designs
:bulletblack: Re-sell or re-create any of our litters, adoptables, or owned designs
:bulletblack: Trace any of our art
:bulletblack: Copy or directly paraphrase any of our animals' biography info
:bulletblack: Use any of our art or designs for your own personal characters (including RP)
:bulletblack: Re-upload or host our artwork/designs on DA or any other website

We are located ONLY on DeviantArt! If you see our characters being used on another site, it is NOT us.

Do you have a question regarding our usage policies? Please send us a note! Thank you for respecting our work.


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horsecrazygirl425 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016  New Deviant
Hello! I'm new to DeviantArt, so I don't know much about you, but I have a question. Do you do animation requests? I'm creating a YouTube series that includes horse animation but I need some help because I can't animate for the life of me. Could you at least give me some tips if you don't do requests? Thank you so much! PS: I love your art ❤️
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LeFABtasticDomino Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
A LOT of your art and characters have been stolen and can be found here 

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dachlo Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
when are you gonna add something new? Cant get enough of your art, especially the horses! ;)
Ashy-the-fox Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can anyone explain how this rp thing Works?
I'm interested in starting a kennel but I'm new to this whole kennel/stable rp thing....
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18smiths Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe, I don't suppose you'd be interested in these guys, either?
Pitbull Imports 1 by 18smiths
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